About Our Business

Spatial Data Solutions provides a range of cost-effective services in
photogrammetry and Geographical Information Systems (GIS). Our key
strengths are the  solid skills and experience of our dedicated management
team which has a combined 100 years of experience and an unparalleled
understanding of mapping products and services.

Our guiding philosophy is simple: We believe that the only measure
of success is client satisfaction. To achieve this, SDS has in place an effective
and rigorous quality assurance and quality control function for every stage in
a project's lifecycle. This results in a consistent timely delivery of superior
products and very high first-acceptance rate.

Mission Statement: To consistently deliver superior products with
excellent services that ensure our success and at prices that sustain the
growth of our clients.

Vision: To redefine the benefits of subcontracting and outsourcing by
delivering on-time cost-effective superior products and services with greater
efficiency than any other subcontractor. We will keep abreast of emerging
technologies so as to always remain a dependable geospatial services

Values: At SDS, professionalism, quality, responsiveness and integrity are
and will remain our watchwords.
About Us
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